Thursday, March 6, 2014

Poem: Dancing in the Hidden Sun

I can't stand myself for wanting time to pass
To hibernate during this cold winter
When I know deep in my being
Summer is always Now

The sun shines everyday
Whether you see it or not
Light emulates behind stormy clouds
Dance in the storm!
Rays will burst through

The waiting-game of what's unfolding
The healing
The growing
The reaping of what you sow
Toiling uncertainty and lethargy
Planting seeds of inspiration

I know about those who wait
Expecting a stork to drop a bundle of happiness on their doorstep
One day..
But I don't live in a fantasy land
And neither do you

So what am I waiting for?
How do I shake off this paralysis?
Why do I want to flee the present?
Using future hopes as a shield

Waiting at a train stop
For a train that never comes
I'm already on a bus
Yet I want to jump off
Or drift asleep as it drives through tumultuous lands

As much as I don't want to stay some days
I know the only time and place
Is right here
Enjoying the ride
And guiding myself into the distance

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