Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Living Authentically: Awareness of the status quo

Living by obligation seems to be the norm
Dreams of authenticity thrown away
The most important choices a person has to face in life...
Are made when it's "the right time"
it's "the right time" to say "I love you,"
it's "the right time" to say "I do"
it's "the right time" to say "Let's procreate"
When perhaps "the right time" is not right at all
Milestones achieved with an artificial sense of passion & inspiration
Beyond the facade, ringing hollow

How many times have people taken a shitty relationship to the "next level" because it's "the right time."
Motivated by the underlying fear of pain or discomfort

Living life by "shoulds" and "have to's"
How many of these could we do without?

How many people bring another human being into the world because they think they have to?
"I'm not getting any younger,"
"You'll never feel 'ready' so might as well do it now."
"Its the only way to be fulfilled"
"It's the right time"

It's "the right time"
To settle down
You can't be wild and passionate forever
Imagine the uncertainty of it all...

Follow the check list of fulfillment
Career (check!)
Marriage (check!)
House (check!)
Children (check!)

What if I never want to check that box?
Will people accept me?
Will I be happy?
If not the checklist...
How will I get from A to B?
And what the hell are "A" and "B"?
Do "A" and "B" even exist?

Amidst the madness
Be present and aware
Authentic, above all
Be true to your core values
They are yours
And if you don't know what they are

The structure of life around you will tempt you with comforting answers
Manufactured certainty slashing your anxiety
Check lists, meaningful milestones
The Right Time

But I say, swim around in your uncertainty
Embrace the unknown
Delight in it
Choose with inspiration & adventure
Make your own blue prints
And throw away the fucking clock


  1. Very inspiring, thank you for the post. I think we should all be aware that there is no checklist and there is no one way you should live your life.

    I feel like this applies to me because I don't want to have kids, but everyone always asks because everyone else follows a timeline of how they think every couple works and checks off their list. "Embrace the unknown" is a good thing, thanks for being aware.

  2. love it. thanks for the concepts here. they really ring true ~LH