Monday, March 18, 2013

100 Coping Skills

100 Coping Skills

1)      Listen to music

2)     Go for a walk

3)      Take a relaxing bath or shower

4)     Drink some tea

5)     Deep breathe (5 counts in, 5 counts out)

6)     Call/text a friend

7)      Meditate

8)     Stretch

9)     Think about something you are grateful for

10)  Make a list of things you are grateful for

11)    Watch a funny video

12)   Eat your favorite snack while savoring the flavors

13)    Take a nap

14)   Journal (write your thoughts/feelings)

15)   Write poetry

16)   Read a book

17)    Cook or bake

18)   Dance

19)   Sing or play an instrument

20) Hug someone

21)   Express yourself creatively through art (e.g. drawing, coloring, painting)

22)  Smile

23)   Use positive affirmations (e.g. “I can do this, I am a capable person”)

24)  Plan something fun to look forward to in future

25)  Surf the Internet

26)  Watch your favorite TV show

27)   Play a board game or cards

28)  Play video games

29)  Take pictures

30)   Exercise (e.g. running, yoga)

31)    Set a positive intention for the day (e.g.” Today is going to be a good day.”)

32)   Take moment to notice something beautiful (e.g. focus on the colors/textures of an object, gaze up at the sky)

33)   Pray, or contemplate on your hope

34)  Light a candle and relax

35)   Write a letter (to yourself or someone else)

36)   Focus on self-compassion (i.e. how would I talk to myself if I were talking to a good friend?)

37)   Name your emotion, allow yourself to observe the emotion without judgment

38)   Cry

39)   Clean or organize something

40)  Go to a park

41)   Compliment someone

42)  Express your thoughts/feelings to someone

43)  Review old photos of positive memories

44) Paint your nails

45)  Spend time with a pet

46)  Do a relaxation exercise

47)  Redirect negative thoughts to more balanced thoughts

48)  Find the silver lining in a negative situation

49)  Help someone else

50)  Eat something healthy & refreshing (e.g. fruit, vegetable)

51)   Ask for help or support

52)  Accept and become aware of what you cannot control in a situation, and focus on what you can control

53)   Brainstorm or problem solve for possible solutions

54)  Contemplate on your meaning/purpose/values

55)  Use guided imagery (e.g. imagine a relaxing, pleasant scene)

56)  Collect rocks, shells

57)   Make a list of your choices in a situation

58)  Attend a self-help group

59)  Create a schedule for your day

60)  Spend time with someone positive

61)   Sit in a hot tub, sauna or pool

62)  Read inspirational quotes

63)   Read self-help articles or books

64)  Name 3+ of your positive attributes

65)  Take care of your physical appearance (e.g. do your hair/makeup)

66)  Take responsibility for your part of a problem

67)   Make a difficult situation into a learning experience, focus on the learning opportunity

68)  Visit a pet store, animal shelter or feed animals outdoors

69)  Aromatherapy (e.g. smell something pleasant and inhale deeply)

70)   Go for a drive

71)    Sew or knit

72)   Think of all the people who love/care about you

73)   Do a puzzle, word search etc

74)  Go out to eat

75)   Have a picnic

76)   Go to the library

77)   Make a collage (e.g. make an inspiration board of your future goals)

78)   Squeeze a stress ball (or a pillow etc)

79)   Express your appreciation/gratitude to someone

80)  Read jokes or comics

81)   Read a magazine

82)  Ask yourself: “What do I need right now?” and take steps towards it

83)   Go window shopping

84)  Create a specific plan of action

85)  Chew gum

86)  Go people watching

87)   Go to a museum

88)  Garden

89)  Think of something you accomplished that you are proud of

90)  Focus on being in the present moment (rather than being in the past or future)

91)   Write a blog

92)  Make a list of your personal coping skills

93)   Play a sport

94)  Volunteer

95)  Catch yourself when you are over-thinking something

96)  Write a thank-you card to someone

97)   Wash dishes

98)  Get a massage (or self-massage)

99)  Be with nature (e.g. forest, beach)

100) Contemplate on love (love for self, for others, the world)










  1. Thank you so much for this.

  2. Ill try doing that while my heart is beating out of my chest.... I get very sweaty aswell.

  3. Thanks...really helpful

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